The Lynn Faulkner Viets Scholarship is renewable for up to four years. Because there is currently an active recipient in the scholarship program, an application cycle will not be available during 2024.


Lynn Faulkner Viets was raised in a single-parent home in Peabody Apartments in Columbus, Georgia, during the late 50s and early 60s. Although she was in the top ten in her class at Jordan High School, it was not possible for her to afford the cost of a four-year degree. However, Ms. Viets was awarded a scholarship at Columbus College, now Columbus State University, that covered her tuition for two years. With the assistance of additional scholarships, a work program, and loans, she completed her degree in secondary education at Berry College in 1967. A long teaching career followed, as did marriage and family.

In 1984, Ms. Viets earned a master's degree in secondary education from the University of Arkansas. It was here that she discovered an interest in teaching economics. Over the years, Ms. Viets received national and international recognition for her teaching at all levels of economics. After teaching for 30 years, including both Columbus, Georgia, and Arkansas, Ms. Viets retired in 2005 from North Carolina.

Ms. Viets knows both the impact of college education and the impact of that FIRST scholarship to Columbus College. It is her journey, and the investment made in her education, that compels her to offer a scholarship that provides a deserving student attending any public university in Georgia a FIRST chance at a college education.


One Faulkner Viets Scholar will be selected in 2022. The selected student will receive the scholarship annually, provided they maintain their eligibility as outlined below, until they receive their degree.

The Faulkner Viets Scholarship:

Eligibility & Application Process

Applicants for the Faulkner Viets Scholarship must: