You love the Chattahoochee Valley and so do we. Giving through CFCV puts your hopes for a better today and tomorrow into action.

Connecting Your Charitable Dreams with Philanthropic Good

When a place becomes a part of us, we want its legacy to stand strong. With deep and lasting relationships in our communities, CFCV connects generous donors with the philanthropic vehicles that fulfills their hopes and dreams to support the Chattahoochee Valley, now and in the future.

Giving Your Way

As your partner in giving, CFCV offers the best of two worlds. We offer the simplicity and tax advantages of a collective public charity, yet the personal recognition, involvement and flexibility of individualized philanthropy.

With CFCV, there are many:

Growing Your Giving

Would you like access to the highest level of strategic thinking to address community challenges? If you have already begun giving through CFCV, there are many ways to make your contributions as effective as possible.

You can:

Investment Information

Transparency is our DNA. When you invest, we protect your investment for generations to come.

To be fully informed on how we partner with you, we invite you to:

Give Now

If you are ready to become a member of our donor family and accomplish your charitable dreams, you can:

That is the beauty of it – the Foundation supports efforts to help the community overall, to improve its general appearance, to bring activities like the symphony to the community. And I think it is excellent that you don’t have to be a millionaire or a real powerful person to support these efforts. You can make a modest donation, have it recognized, have it invested and get it working to help make Columbus a more attractive community.

- Jim Crosse, retired local physician and former CFCV board member