We know you want to make the most informed, strategic decision when recommending options to your clients.

Your clients have several options to consider as they explore giving through our community foundation, and helping your clients with their philanthropy shouldn't be a burden nor complex.

1. What type of Fund does your client need?

We have a variety of Fund options. Visit our Types of Funds page to learn more and see which option fits best for your client.

2. What type of establishment gift would they like to make?

We understand your clients may have a wide range of giving options, or they may have few. Whatever the case may be, we accept a number of different assets and are happy to help them as they establish their fund and throughout their giving lifetime.

3. Who will be a part of their giving process?

Many donors choose to include their loved ones in their giving, setting them up as advisors to their fund(s) or as successors, to advise the use of the Funds after the donor's lifetime. Other donors choose to act as the sole advisors to their giving process, and we work with that as well. We are available to help you and your client think through that process.

... CFCV is among the most respected organizations of its kind in the U.S., so I have the opportunity to work with accomplished professionals and an organization having a measurable impact in people’s lives.

- Fred Crawford, Aflac President and Chief Operating Officer; former CFCV board member

Check out our FAQ's for more information to commonly asked questions.