Henry and Gladys Smith lived modest lives so they could help students earn a college degree.


James Henry Smith, a lifelong resident of the North Highlands neighborhood of Columbus, was forced to quit high school to provide for his family upon the death of his father. He served his country in World War I, served his community as a fireman, and provided care to his mother until her death. Late in life, Henry married Gladys Manning Fails, a longtime employee of Swift Manufacturing and Bibb Mill in Columbus.

Neither Henry nor Gladys Smith was able to afford college. They created the James Henry Smith and Gladys Manning Smith Scholarship Fund in their estate plan to ensure that young people in the Columbus area are able to afford the education they could not. Thanks to the Smiths’ generosity and their strong belief in the power of education, generations of students in the Columbus area who might not otherwise be able to go to college will now be able to do so.


The Smith Scholarship:

One Smith Scholar will be selected in 2024. Ideally, the successful applicant will share the same high character as that exemplified by the Smiths’ selfless dedication to the needs of others through their lives and their establishment of the Scholarship. We would expect the Smith Scholar to be able to demonstrate that character through service to their school, community, religious organization and/or job.

Eligibility & Application Process

Applicants for the Smith Scholarship must:


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