First GA Civic Health Index Released

How do Georgians participate in civic life and what does it mean for Georgia?  Specifically, Georgia's recently released first-ever Civic Health Index examines 1) how Georgians engage civically -- with one another, with their communities, with institutions, and in politics; 2) how civic participation varies across key demographic variables such as educational attainment, age, and geographic location; and 3) how Georgia's rates of civic participation compare with other states.  

The report is intended to launch a statewide conversation among citizens and private, nonprofit and public sector leaders and decision-makers about how to promote and strengthen civic life in Georgia.

The Community Foundation is proud to have been able to support, through a grant from its Knight Fund, the development of Georgia's first-ever Civic Health Index.  To download the project news release, click here.  To access the report itself, click here.